Wow!,Wow!,Wow! 100 Hits

Just had to add this quick post. While others are celebrating thousands of hits I am today celebrating 100 hits!!!!
I am soooo happy ( How sad am I?)
Thankyou to everyone who has looked at my blog so far and who have left lovely comments.
Love Sarah XXX


6 Responses to “Wow!,Wow!,Wow! 100 Hits”

  1. Kathy Says:

    Congrats on all your hits!! That is fabulous!!

    (I just wanted to let you know that sadly the Hanglar and Stanglar stamps are only available to those in Norway I think. I was lucky enough to get this image from a friend who has a friend from there!! Sorry I couldn’t be more help!) :)Kathy

    • sarahwrightdesigns Says:

      Thanks Kathy for the reply.
      I have found a lady on Ebay who sells stamped images of Hanglar and Stanglar and Magnolia for about £2 for 15 images with 85p p/p. She is triciataddy1448 and her Ebay shop is something like Missus bits and pieces and Mr allsorts, I think. Anyway if you type in stamped images it will come up and most of them are hers. Hope you find this useful.
      Mind you I’m not quite sure whether it is legal due to copyright.
      I’ve also heard that Funky Kits who do the Sugar Nellie stamps are going to be selling Hanglar and Stanglar soon.
      Also, (I’m going on a bit aren’t I ?!) are selling Wildrose Studio Stamps which are really cute.
      Love Sarah XXX

  2. Debbi Robertson Says:

    well done you, quite right xx

  3. Christina Says:

    Thank you SO much Sarah!!!!

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